Saddle Fitting Service 

Get measured and fitted for a Fizik, San Marco or Prologo saddle with a ride guarantee.


Professional saddle fitting

Saddles can be a sore point ! Pun intended :-) 
A professional saddle fitting can help resolve pain and discomfort issues when riding. 

We measure our cleat placement precisely, bike position precisely ? Why not your saddle? 



San Marco Saddles

Very popular choice with riders… We offer a full fitting service with a 30 day ride guarantee .. If you don't get on with our recommendation we will change it for another saddle in the range.. 


Prologo Saddles with a 60 day ride guarantee

Prologo Saddles

Prologo make saddles for many other companies. Awesome build quality and a great range for every type of rider. 

Measured using the Prologo MyOwn system we accuratley measure your Ischial bone width and calculate using with your body measurements the recommended saddle for you.



Fizik Saddles

We offer a full range of Fizik saddles for Road and tri bikes. Fizik saddles are renowned for being great value for money whilst offering the latest technology enhancing your comfort and riding experience. 

We have a range of test saddles we loan to our customers who can try before they buy making sure you have the right saddle for you after the fitting process.

Saddle fitting takes around 1 hour where we will fit the saddle on your bike during the process. This can be done as part of the bike fit process also. 

We charge £50 for saddle measurement and fitting which is refunded off the price of your saddle if purchased from us making the fitting process free!

Why get a fitted saddle ?

We are not all made equal ! and that certainly goes for cyclists when it comes to the old posterior. Your sit bones or Ischial bones to give them the correct name can determine  the width  and shape of the saddle. Alongside the sit bone width another crucial factor is flexibility of the pelvis (pelvic rotation) which shouldn't be confused with the flexibility of the back. Using the measurements taken then calculating your body mass from your weight and height we have all the information we need to choose the correct style and type of saddle for your riding style.  It’s a bit more sceintific than the hit or miss saddle choice that comes standard on your bike !

Not everybody needs a bespoke saddle and hundreds of riders crack on with the saddle fitted as standard on their bike with no problems. Saddle fitting takes it to the next level and is especially usefull for those who are having problems with saddle soreness or numbness which can be caused by the wrong width or style of saddle. Other reasons for numbness or soreness may be the set up of your bike and saddle position / angle. We recommend a full bike fitting first to set up your position correctly which often resolves saddle issues without the need to spend more money. 

We are always happy to give advice on saddles if you are in any doubt about what you need … Just give us a call. 

MyOwn Fitting-System

Book your saddle fitting now at Doctor Sprocket's

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We charge £50 for a saddle fitting which is refunded off your saddle purchase in store.

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