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Bike sizing is a bit of a minefield when it comes to choices. Manufacturer’s don’t have common standard for a start! Bike frames are sized by lots of brands in even numbers but some use odd numbers for frame measurements?  Geometry is different for most brands each having their own idea on the best frame geometry for the style of bike and riding. 

Your own body geometry is the driving factor on frame size. Measuring your inside leg seam is a guide and your overall height too but what if your long in the leg and long in the arm then short in the body?  A manufacturer size chart generally asks how tall you are and what is your inseam measurement?  Im 6ft 1” tall ( 185 cm) but short in the body… That means I need a shorter top tube length to stop over reaching. If I look at most manufacturers charts I am a frame size bigger than I actually need !

Getting it right needs more measurements or better still a full bike fitting. With better information you can make better judgements on a frame and component size thats right for you.. That’s why we offer an online service that delves a little deeper than the manufacturers website charts. 


Ready to get started? Here’s how it works...

1. Watch the video guide on measuring your body. Take your measurements in millimetres or centimetres as the video shows and write them down for safe keeping until you need them.

2. You will need to know your height in cm and weight in Kg.

3. Once you have all the measurements send your payment using the STRIPE Button Below.

4. Then fill in the form below and click Submit. You will receive your report normally within 48 hours.

5. If you are having any difficulties please let us know by calling 07970 637925

Here is a list of current bike brands we can search from….

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What happens next ?

Normally within 48 hours you will have your report. Your report will contains the top 4 recommendations based on the answers and measurements you have provided taking into account brand choices , frame material, and bike style. Additional reports for the same rider can be provided at a small additional cost should you wish to explore other choices or brands. 


The bike sizing service is provided as a guide only using the best information available to give results our database believes will be the most appropriate for your riding style and preferences. We always recommend trying to ride your chosen bike in the recommended spec before you buy. All human bodies are different!  As this service is provided remotely we do not accept responsibility for the final purchase decision  which solely relies on the buyer. 

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