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Bike Fitting Jig Full Package
£275 (requires 2 visits)

This is the absolute gold standard package if you are shopping for a new bike! Consider this? If you are going to make a substantial investment on your dream machine it is worth getting it right first time. We see  many people on the wrong size frame as their body geometry doesn't conform to the manufacturers standards…  One size doesn't fit all !
Package includes 1 full bike fit on the jig including shoes and cleats with a bike fit report. Theframe finder service with report by email and when you get your new bike a second full bike fit on your new bike with a full bike fit report.  £275 for the package … (RRP £300) 



In studio Bike Sizing Service
£70 ( 45 minutes)

A level down from the bike fit jig package.. In this service you will come to us for an appointment in which we will take body measurements.

From a choice of 213 brands on our database you can choose up to 6 brands  you have been considering. We can do more at a small additonal cost. We will then produce a report by email with choices from those brands detailing the correct size frame and components , stem , bars and stack.


Prologo Saddles with a 60 day ride guarantee

Online Bike Sizing Service.

If you can’t get to the studio we can offer the Advanced Frame Finder service remotely. You will provide a number of measurements to us online and fill in a questionnaire about your riding style and goals.  

By  choosing the brands you are considering we will then return an email report with our recommendations detailing the correct size frame and components , stem , bars etc...

Don’t worry there’s a video guide to help you and it’s not difficult to do with a helper and some simple tools. 


Bike fitting jig for bike frame sizing. Bike fitting without a bike.

Bike Fitting Jig Package…
The gold standard… 
£275 ( rrp £330)

Due to popular demand we have introduced a bike fitting Jig into our range of professional fitting services. If you are looking at buying a bike but you are having difficulty in working out the frame size and the component sizes this is the start to finish answer for you! Over two visits to our studio this 4 hour package covers everything you will need to buy your chosen bike with more confidence. Unfortunately this service is not yet fully available for TT Bikes. 

We start off with a full bike fit using our own bike fitting jig. The jig looks like a bike and rides like a static bike but the beauty of the jig is it is fully adjustable. When you book this package we will ask in advance if you have a bike brand and model you have decided upon and we can replicate the manufacturers frame geometry and nearest size for you on the jig. Don’t worry if you have no choices yet we can replicate the most common cycle geometry. 

No Bike... No Problem.. We’ve got you covered...

From this staring point we can do a full bike fitting for you and this will include setting up your shoes and cleats at this point for your chosen pedal system. Cleats are the only fixed point on the bike so this bit is crucial. We can also measure your sit bone width and recommend a saddle from our ranges if required and you ask in advance.

During the fitting we can adjust the jig size where necessary to get a comfortable fit for your riding style and preferences. The measurements we take are later used to generate bike recommendations from your choice of up to 6 brands in our database which holds data for 213 manufacturers. You can define by the brands we have  , frame material, bike style such as road, road disc, ladies specific, cyclocross, gravel,  and also including MTB and Hybrid.

After your fitting we will send you a report containing the brand recommendations generated by our database and aslo a full bike fit report generated from your fitting on the Jig. The report is extremely detailed and will be used later on your second visit. The sizing recommendations take into account your riding preferences and style preferences you have indicated earlier in the process. Now it’s time to go shopping! Knowing the recommended frame size and components size you need. No guesswork. No hassle! Once you have tried the bike in your chosen retailer and are happy with the size you can arrange your second visit to us. 

Once you have bought your bike and collected it after the store’s Pre Delivery Inspection you arrange your second fitting with us by telephone. This fitting is quite a lot quicker as we have already measured and fitted your shoes and cleats. We will set up your bike to the previous report measurements and then dial you in making the final tweaks and adjustments for the perfect fit. The total peace of mind package! 


Bike Frame Sizing Service
In Studio  £70 ( 45 minutes)

If you are looking for recommendations on bike size based purely on you body geometry measurements and not your current bike measurements this option is for you. During your appointment we will take a number of geometric body measurements from you and discuss the brands , styles and types of bike you are interested in. We have 213 well known brands in our database. If you are looking for a lesser known or bespokke brand please check with us first by email.

You can choose upto 6 brands and based on your measurements the AI system will choose the most suitable models for you taking into account your preferences submitted. From these you can choose 4 bikes and a report is produced for you detailing recommended frame sizes and component sizes. We can email the report to you there and then. 

To book an appointment call us on 07970 637925


Online Bike Sizing Service.

Can’t get to us at the studio? Not a problem we can now offer the Bike Sizing Service online which will help take some of the guesswork out of choosing a new frame size. We would always recommend a full bike fit on our jig or your existing bike to take measurements from as this is the best information you can have. That said … it is just not possible for some riders to get to us and our online frame finder service can help.

It’s pretty easy process for you and a helper to carry out with a few simple tools. Have a watch of the video here and see what is needed. It only takes about 10 minutes to get the measurements needed and a simple online form to fill in. You pay online and a report is emailed to you with the top 4 recommendations from your chosen brands. They include frame size, stem length, bar width and stack.

Simple and easy to do and gives plenty of information and choice to help you make a decision on your next bike.


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