Benefit from a bike fit?

Here’s some good reasons  why you will...


Comfort on your bike is paramount.  Think less about the aches & pains and more about the ride...


Efficient positioning allows you to  go further and faster for no more energy than usual…..



Power and Speed can be gained from the correct position on your bike..

Injury prevention

Injuries are commonplace and go hand in hand with a poor riding position and poor cleat placement....


Arrange your bike fitting...

If you would like to arrange a professional bike fitting in Wirral, Liverpool or Cheshire area’s Doctor Sprockets Professional Bike Fitters are  based in Wallasey on The Wirral with easy links to the M53 and Merseyrail train services. We have people travel longer distances including Lodon and South Wales ! 

What are the benefits of a bike fitting?

Cycling and triathlon are the fastest growing sports in the UK. More and more athletes and cyclists are turning to good bike fitters to boost their performance, avoid any injuries and enhance their cycling comfort and overall experience.


As a certified Ironman® Coach ...Greg  has first hand experience of successful distance and endurance racing where comfort, efficiency, and energy conservation are key elements to success.

He can advise you on a sensible bike fit for your discpline based on your riding style, physical abilities, and riding goals.
Should I get a professional bike fitting?
Greg says…… I often find that many cyclist will spend hundreds ( if not thousands!) of pounds on a new all singing all dancing bike and try to set it up themselves. Some are successful others less so? Many seem to work by looking at the Pro’s and trying to emulate their position.. But this does not take into account that Pro’s are flexible, super fit and ride a gazillion miles a week for a job!

Keeping it real ?

 This is highly different from Bob who sits at his desk all week and rides out at the weekend or the odd evening in the week! Hence, Bob needs a highly different position on his bike!

There are so many pitfalls trying to set yourself up ( believe me I tried them all myself years ago!) that it is rare that you will get it right. It is not impossible but a set of eyes from a good bike fitter and a bit of old school ( and new school) technology will pay massive dividends once your body adapts to a well fitted position.

Bike fits adapt over time as your body changes and gets more flexible and your body gets fitter. Your bike fit also very much depends on your riding style and your cycling goals. If you are getting pain when you are riding then 99% of the time your bike fit isn’t correct.

Injuries and discomfort can be helped enormously with a good bike fit. That said we also use the services of an excellent Sports & Remedial Therapist John McGorry who can help with injuries and strength / flexibility exercises if we cannot assist you alone.

Our ethos is that we want you to be comfortable on your bike and enjoy your cycling whatever event or ride you do. A more aero and aggressive position comes over time as your body adjusts to each change in position. Slowly and surely ! is the way forward for many years of enjoyable riding










The best money you will spend on your bike this year

A full bike fit takes about 2 hours on our stage where you will warm up on a turbo trainer on your own bike. We will discuss your cycling history , medical conditions, pains & niggles, and your cycling goals. We will check your flexibility and body movement  and measure your feet for correct cleat placement. Back on the bike we will make adjustments as necessary to find a comfortable and efficient position for your goals. We carry a stock of different sized parts and replacement cleats if needed on the day or if needed  you can buy online with our recommendations. After your bike fit you will receive a comprehsive report detailing your before and after positions with a full set of measurements.

Full bike fitting 

We need approximately 2 hours of your time  for a full bike fitting. TT bikes slightly longer. Everything is included in the price so all you need to bring along is yourself, bike, shoes and cleats. Wear your cycle clothing for the fitting .  Helmets are not required unless your ride with and aero helmet. 

2nd bike discount
50% off

Get fitted at the same time with your second bike and we offer you a 50% discount on the second bike. Included in this fitting can be an additional pair of shoes and cleats even if they are a different pedal system .
Allow 3 - 3 1/2 hours for a twin bike fitting.

Refitting within 18 months 

As our bodies change on a daily basis and our fitness and flexibility change we recommend a full refit and check of your position at least every 18 months. We offer a half price check and refit to customers who have been fitted by us (on the same bike) within the last 18 months. This includes everything in the full fit at a 50% discount.

Bolt on >> Frame sizing service
£50 when booked as part of your bike fit.

Many riders bring their existing bike for a fitting in order to gain information about size and position for a new bike using Bar XY co-ordinates, handlebar reach and drop, saddle height and set back. All of this can only be done accurately in a bike fitting with us during which cleats are set precisely as they are the only fixed point on the bike.

Using the measurements from your existing bike and report we can then produced a report detailing upto 4 bikes that are suitable from the brands that you choose. This offer price is only available when booked as part of a full bike fitting on your own bike. 



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