Here’s a little bit about Greg - Doctor Sprocket - Professional Bike Fitter

How come ‘The doc’ ? 

As much as I admire Doctors and the tireless work they do I definitely prefer mending things with spanners rather than medical instruments!

So why ‘The Doc’?
Well this has come out of setting up my own cycle repair and servicing workshop in Wallasey, on The Wirral, in preparation for my retirement in a few years time from my other gainful employment. I have called it Doctor Sprockets Workshop :-) Pun intended and hence now I get called ‘The Doc’ thanks to some of my oldest and most loyal customers!

I have had a passion for cycling since a very early age and always been a keen cyclist. Hand in hand with that goes repairing and servicing and back in the day it was generally accepted you rolled up your sleeves and had a go yourself! As a lad I would often ‘tinker’ with my bikes and learnt the hard way! Often with a jar of bits left over … That said I always managed in the end and found a passion for the mechanicals !

My fire was really ignited when I discovered Triathlon. This was a culmination of cycling and marathon running and a great wife who shares my passion for the same which makes life so much easier! She has more bikes than I do !

Out of the frying pan….

And so there we were at our first Triathlon with little clue! A sprint distance at Wilmslow expertly organised by Xtra Mile events.

Into the fire you ask? Well not the types to do anything by halves :-) it went a little something like this….

A weak moment over a bottle of Doctor Merlot’s finest >>>> an IPad connected to the internet >>> and Bob’s your uncle there we both were having booked ourselves into Ironman UK! The rest as they say is history!


To the future….

Over the past few years I have been busy… I have completed numerous Ironman events including the legendary IM Wales which was brutal! I have also since qualified as a certified Ironman coach and also I am now fully trained as a cycle technician.

A module on bike fitting got me really fired up and I knew then and there that my future lay in this field. I started out on a quest of years of studying and hundreds of fittings honing my skills to where I stand today. There’s no magic formula as we are all different to fit. I try to understand what my customers want to achieve and we work forward from there. It seems that works very well judging by the results and reviews  on our social media.


Greg on the red carpet at Ironman Wales 

New beginnings...

 At the start of 2019 I took the decision to close the bike sales floor and workshop to the public. Although a difficult decision I realised that I wanted solely to concentrate on bike fitting without the distractions and interuptions. So now I am totally... by appointment only ...allowing me to give my bike fit customers my undivided attention.

So here we are Professional bike fitters and nothing else. Not a jack of all trades…this is all we do!

The future has a lot to offer and the word is spreading about our bike fitting services. We have had customers travel from as far as London and South Wales to get a bike fitting with us. We aim to make our customers goals and desires from a bike fit come true and when we do they tell their friends. Word of mouth is now our biggest form of advertising and with 300 bike fits last year we hope we are getting it right. Have a look at some of the amazing reviews our customers take the time to write on Facebook and Google.

Here’s to the future!
Warmest regards,
Greg ‘The Doc'

Still reading ? Want the latest update? 


So the last few years have flown by ! We have been bike fitting for over 6 years now and have carried out nearly 3000 bike fits. We have seen the ups and downs of the pandemic and carried on fitting throughout. People come far and wide and it always amazes us that you guys and gals are so dedicated! Paris , Glasgow, Lodon, South Wales you come with bike in hand and we always aim to please. 
As far as jobs go ….
Well quite simply this is the best! We have a thriving business and having recently retired from my other job in the police I’m  now full time bike fitter ! Some very exciting news for us is the recent formation of our Metabolic Testing Studio. This is next level stuff and an absolute must try! What was the preserve of universities and hospitals is now in our hands… Medical grade breath analysis which normally was only available to top athlete’s .. Wonder why they perform so well ? It’s in the Science!  M3TABOLIC.com as we have aptly named it ! ( Yes it’s a 3 ) is something we are very proud to be offering to all our cyclists , Triathletes and runners. It’s going to be big! Very very big! 

Kona Baby!   
Well finally that day came…  2022 was going to be a big year… I sit here wrting this having just completed Ironman UK .. PB for the 55 year old fat lad with asthma and a slipped disc :-) But this year was always going to be bigger as I decided to mark my retirement with the Tri Nations… Ironman Cork is next in a couple of weeks … Followed by the infamous Ironman Wales again… complete all three and Ironman send you a special trophy ( Bragging rights above our medal board!!). But just as you think it doesnt get better… during the warm up race the 70.3 Staffordshire both my amazing wife Sheena and I got roll down places to the 70.3 World Championships in Utah this October… Out came the credit card and it got some hammer ! Just as I was about to put it away ……..
  The look on my face when I get a roll down place in the awards ceremeony after Bolton for Kona at the Ironman World Championships. Where’s that card? Needless to say we are going! This is the holy grail in Ironman terms and something I have always wanted to achieve. Let’s be honest Ive not got a cat in hells chance of winning anything in my age group but thats not the point.. It’s Kona baby!! 

And finally for now … I am just about to push the button and upload my new website for M3tabolic.com  and an online booking system which I hope free’s up some time.  Next time I update this I hope its with a picture of a tri Nations Tri nations trophy …oh….    and a Kona finishers medal.

Peace and Love



Here’sa few reviews our customers have left… They are all on our facebook page with lots more..


Bike fit was great. fitted me on 2 bikes and the difference is amazing! went for a big 200km ride yesterday and felt strong the whole way around when i’ve previously been suffering with knee pain whilst riding the bike!!! would definitely recommend, lovely guy too 👍🏼


Greg was hugely knowledgeable and patient with my daft questions. I learnt more in two hours than in the last 6 years and, amongst many things, I am no longer sliding off my saddle continually.


I visited Greg a few weeks back for a bike fit for my Dolan ADX, what may seem minor tweaks here and there have made a world of difference to riding comfort, posture and poise. Greg is very knowledgeable, experienced, and good company during the session. Highly recommended.


What a fantastic service from Greg on my bike fit today. He's absolutely meticulous and thorough so be prepared for a relaxed two hours in the shop while he works his magic.
The difference he made was instantly noticeable on my ride home, the bike felt smoother and more comfortable than it had ever been, and despite the headwind along the prom I beat 3 personal bests on Strava - instant results, love it!
Go get a professional bike fit from Greg - your bike and your butt will thank you


I had my first detailed bike fit today...can't recommend it highly enough and it is a very different experience to the quick set-up a typical bike shop does before sending you on your way!. Greg is a super patient and knowledgeable guy who puts across all the technical aspects in a very acessible way. I still can't believe how far my own quick set-up was out from the ideal and the difference is light and day. Best money I have spent on my bike in a long time :)


Enjoyed my very first bike fit today, made me feel at ease and things went smoothly, before I knew it, it was over. I will certainly have another once my fitness and flexibility improves.

Adjustments made to the bike and cleats, wow what a change so much easier to ride now, vast improvement. Why I haven't had one before I will never know. Thanks again greg 👍👍👍🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️



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