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Why get a Professional Bike Fit?

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Simply the best money you will spend on your bike this year...



Correct cleat placement is crucial to prevent injury..



Uncomfortable with your saddle try our saddle fit service



Bit of a puzzle ? Not bought  your bike yet? Need some advice on frame and component sizing? Get fitted on our bike fit jig and take the guess work away.



Can’t get to us for a fitting? Need advice on frame and component size? We can do it online for you…. Have a look at how we do it….



Simply the best money you will spend on your training & health this year. Take the guesswork out of heart rate zones, power zones and calorie intake…  This link will take you to our other website M3TABOLIC.COM



Professional bike fitters in Wallasey, Wirral ,North West..

As an Ironman® athlete and a Certified Ironman® Coach Greg can help you with all aspects of your bike positioning. Optimal comfort, efficiency, power delivery, and injury prevention all come from a good bike fit. A veteran of hundreds of bike fittings Greg’s reputation precedes him… See his reviews on Facebook..

Greg Say’s “ It is surprising how many people pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds on a new bike and neglect to have a proper bike fit which can make a world of difference."

If you are injury prone or suffer from discomfort when you are riding your bike a professional fitting will help. From the most overlooked set up of your shoes and cleats to a detailed analysis of your position a bike fit will improve your efficiency and comfort. 


Velogicfit 3D Motion Capture.

Although we work old school with plumb bobs and goniometers in 2018 we have acquired Velogic Fit 3D Motion Capture Technology. This has primarily been to speed up the process of report writing but since it’s integration we have been mightily impressed with the accurancy and level of information the system records. The information it provides about the interaction of rider with bike and also pedalling action is used in conjunction with our old school roots to finely tune your riding position.

A full report will be emailed to you to keep for future reference after your bespoke fitting.

Have a look at the bike fit page for a professional bike fitting on The Wirral . 

Frequently asked questions about professional bike fitting.

Is a bike fit worth the money?
Should I get a bike fitting?

Greg runs a professional bike fitting service from his centre based in Wallasey on The Wirral in the North West of England. Now dedicated solely to bike fitting.

He breaks his customers down into a few categories each coming with a specific desire in their cycling.

Triathlete’s looking for the most comfortable position in the aero tuck. Getting the right balance can increase power and conserve energy at the same time. Longer distance Triathlete’s can see some remarkable gains.

Newcomers to cycling who want a bike fitting before they start riding. Greg say’s that this is the most sensible option rather than setting the bike up yourself due to the number of variables which include shoes, cleats, pedals, bar height and angles, saddle height, saddle rake and reach to name but a few. A good bike fit can prevent injuries, help to reduce fatigue and give a more comfortable rider experience.

Club racers who may have been riding years and never had a bike fit. They may be looking for edge to increase power and speed or endurance. Many riders in this category may come for a bike fit due to injury.

Set my saddle height?

Why it is important to get your saddle height right.

There are so many ways to determine the correct saddle height. Some are more precise than others but one thing that advocates of each method all agree on is that if you get it wrong the effects can be highly detrimental.

A saddle height that is too high can cause pain and problems with joints. It can also cause ligament and tendon issues due to overextension.

A saddle height set too low can greatly decrease your stamina by over 10% and lower your overall power output. The key is getting the right saddle height which will increase your power at the pedals and give you far more comfort particularly on the longer rides.

Most riders that Greg see during a professional bike fit at Doctor Sprocket’s Workshop in Wallasey have their saddle height too low. This is a common mistake and one generally caused by the simplified method used to try and work out the correct height.

As part of your bike fit for your road or tri bike Greg will use 3d motion analysis , old school :-) plumbob and  a goniometer to measure the angles to see that they are set at an optimum level for your body and frame.



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