Normal people enjoying the Tri Life !!

Doctor Sprocket’s Tri Team was born from a group of long-time friends and family all getting the Tri bug around the same time ! It only seemed logical that we swim, run and bike together under a common banner and Doctor Sprocket’s Workshop provided the excuse! And so was born Doctor Sprocket’s Tri Team.

It is early days yet but our numbers are growing and we are having fun and that’s exactly what we are about. We are all normal people with kids and lives to juggle. We work shifts, we manage kids, we work all the hours but we still find the time to enjoy our passion. Triathlon is infective and it rubs off on the people we meet. As more of our friends join us, so we grow as a team.

We are a team and we’re here to have fun. We may not be the quickest, we may not be the slimmest, we might well be the hairiest ( the lads! sorry #sprockettes) but one things for sure we are here to have fun.

Powered by Rule #5 ?

Powered by Rule #5 ? You ask…

Well simply there is a great site which makes us smile…

Cycling ettiquette that all riders should follow :-) known as ‘The Rules’. So why Rule #5... well we all have tough days now and then and this sums up why we carry on !

Rule #5 : Harden The F**k Up…

Race day prep ? :-)

Race day prep? Well let’s just say when we travel the night before you will find us in the pub! Come and join us if you see the team out and about. We are in this for personal goals and not to win and that is the beauty of triathlon. It’s why we all love it. We have great times and enjoy the events.

Meet the team …..

The Sprockettes #sprockettes

The girls have all enderingly given themselves the the title of The Sprockettes… The lads ? well we can’t hink of anything !! Here they all are... ….


Doctor Sprocket’s Tri Team





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